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Our large animal rescue has been ongoing for 18 years, located near Raymondville, in Texas county, Missouri. Founded by Mrs. Susan E. Seago, owner of the property where the rescue is located, and her long time partner Mrs. Rebecca D. Wilson. Both of these women have extensive experience with large animals and wildlife care taking. 

Starting November 1, 2017 we started operating under our 501(C)(3) status.  Now operating as a non-profit organization on 600 acres here in the beautiful Ozarks. Ashley Creek Large Animal & Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary works closely with all law enforcement agencies, private citizens, Humane Society & the  ASPCA. Here we provide a good caring environment for all large animals, whether rescued or placed with us due to their owners not being able to care for them. 

We have the very best large animal Dr. of Veterinary Medicine to insure our animal wards, receive the best health care possible during their stay with us. This gives the person adopting our animals peace of mind knowing their getting a healthy animal. We also try to give any person adopting, as much history on the animal as possible. Our goal is to see that all our animals are located with caring people and never undergo abuse again. Ashley Creek Large Animal & Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary is  one of 2 large animal rescues in Missouri. 

Keep in mind, that your adopting of an animal, gives us the opportunity to continue our rescue. Also, we appreciate all tax deductible donations received, and issue Membership Certificates to selected donors. When you become a Certified Member, your name as a valued partner, will be posted in our office for all  to see, once your permission is given to do so. Your donations insure we can continue to save abused and needy

animals, both domestic and wildlife. Here too we accept and rejoice, when any person or group of persons, wish to become a sponsor of a selected animal by aiding in the care of an animal or animals. 

It’s our passion and privilege to use our resources here at Ashley Creek Large Animal & Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary to save as many large animals and wildlife as possible. We respond on a 24 hour basis with a very knowledgeable response team. Our team lives and works right here on the Ashley Creek Rescue property making response time speedy in emergency cases. Each year, numerous animals are destroyed simply because there is no place capable of taking them in. We here at Ashley Creek Rescue don’t want that to happen, and we’re betting you don’t either. 

Thanks for looking at our website, but before you leave, please consider helping with your generous monthly donation, becoming a Certified Member or sponsor for these needy animals.

About Us

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8- 16x16 stalls, large indoor arena, grooming station, office,small balcony that overlooks the arena, and storage room


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Ashley Creek Large Animal & Wildlife Rescue

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